Aug 23rd Old Courthouse Square Memorial Benefit for Nicholas Samuel Eaken Super Bat Spiderman

Memorial Benefit For Former Healdsburg Resident Nicholas Samuel Eaken 08/29/03 - 01/03/13
Memorial Benefit For Former Healdsburg Resident Nicholas Samuel Eaken 08/29/03 - 01/03/13

In Oct 2006 just 6 short weeks of turning 3, Nicholas was missed diagnosed at first then told he had Africa Burkitt’s Lymphoma Cancer. He required 3 yrs. of Chemo in 9 months, and told he'd be hospitalized for at least a year! However due to toxicities he was unable to complete treatment! Released from the hospital in July 2007, and after receiving only 3 treatments and no signs of the Cancer he was given a CLEAN bill of health. Unfortunately Nicholas was far from healthy, the remainder of 2007 through 2008 he went from fair to critical health status. The deterioration in his health and doctors unprofessional bedside manner the next part of our journey started. In Dec 2008 Nicholas & I left my 3 other children and went to Cincinnati Children's Hospital, where we remained until his passing. We never expected to be there for over 4 years, however the on-going medical discoveries/conditions left No other choice! Nicholas daily life in Cincy consisted of, medical appointments, testing, procedures endless surgeries and hospitalizations! Within a few months of being in Cincy he was diagnosed with Bone Marrow Failure, later in 2009 doctors became aware he also had Mitochondrial Disease! In late 2010 until his passing hospital admissions were becoming more frequent and life threatening! Shortest time out of the hospital was 2 weeks longest was 6 weeks which wasn't that often. Nicholas' last admission into the hospital was another spiritual awakening and knew he was preparing for his journey home to the Lord! After he was released in late Oct 2012 we expedited his Make A Wish, which he did in mid Nov 2012 and with God's Grace he barely made it through. Upon returning home while I was preparing for the Christmas, Nicholas was trying to prepare me for his departure as he had been weeks prior. And the next part of the journey started Christmas Eve, Nicholas started to not feel or look well. Before going to bed he asked me to promise again that if he gets sick I would Not take him back to the hospital. We didn't celebrate Christmas until nearly 5 pm and later that night he came down with a high fever and had to call hospice. The days to follow Nicholas' woke for brief moments to say I Love You to family and friends. He'd also give me 2 thumbs with a weak smile letting me know he was Happy, he wasn't in the hospital. Then on Jan 03, 2013, we knew he was ready for his journey to the castle in the Lord's Kingdom, and while singing There will be a day, loudly over and over, holding one of his hands and the other on his heart I had to give my sweet courageous little boy permission to take the Lords hand and be at peace! 

Proceeds raised from the events will help provide Nicholas Samuel Eaken with a Memorial Headstone and also help the family with final expenses.

To Learn About Nicholas’ Journey, See Photo’s And Video’s, Plus Stay Informed About Benefits Or Events 

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