Healdsburg Youth Sports Coach Seeking Donations for Hernia Surgery Fund

Sports enthusiast and Healdsburg resident Kyle Cott faced a challenge to his lifestyle when he was diagnosed with a hernia.

Courtesy Kyle Cott.
Courtesy Kyle Cott.

Editor's note: Kyle Cott's crowd-funding campaign will now end Friday night, not next week as was originally reported.


Healdsburg resident Kyle Cott is used to being active, but lately he's been moving a lot less.

Cott was diagnosed with a hernia a year ago, and underwent surgery earlier this month to correct it. He's uninsured, and his salary as a youth sports coach won't come close to covering the cost of his operation, so he turned to a crowd-funding website to ask for donations to help with his medical bills.

He's asking for $8,000 before next week, and as of this posting has only raised $720.

Cott said it was "depressing" for him to stop exercising as his hernia worsened.

"All hernias big and small REQUIRE surgery," he said in an email. "I have had mine for over a year. It started small and kept getting bigger and bigger, as it was hard for me to refrain from exercise activities such as sports and running. I love to go rock climbing and other 'extreme sports,' but the hernia eventually got out hand, so to speak, and it became too risky to do these activities I love to do!"

Youth sports have been a major part of Cott's life for years. He worked for the Healdsburg Youth Soccer League for five years and for the Santa Rosa American Little League for four years.

He also worked for three years as a youth sports mentor in the city of Healdsburg's after-school program and the Healdsburg Community Center.

Cott also coached track and field and soccer for three years in the Healdsburg Unified School District.

His operation was done by Healdsburg surgeon Dr. Bailey Mitchell, and Cott said it was scary, but eased by the "welcoming and friendly" hospital staff.

Now he's trying to speed his recovery by walking a mile each day, and said he's off pain-killers and going for an "all natural" healing.

"Recovery is slow...but definitely progressing daily," he said.


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