Psst! Spread the Word

If you like Healdsburg Patch, take a minute right now and tell 10 of your friends about the site.

Roaming around town, when I tell people I’m the Healdsburg Patch editor, I usually get one of two responses:

1)  “Oh my god, I love your site. I read it every day.”

2)  A blank stare. Usually followed by, “What’s a Patch?”

 It’s been almost two years since Healdsburg Patch launched. In that time,  we’ve built a strong community of readers who are making the site their own—from commenting on stories to blogging to sharing news tips with our reporters.

The more people that participate here, the more vibrant and informative our online news community will be.

But Healdsburg is a pretty big town, and it can take a while for word to spread from one end  to the other. That’s where you come in.

Here’s my request: If you’re reading this and you like the site, take a minute right now and tell 10 of your friends about Healdsbug Patch. It’s as simple as sending an email or Tweet with a link to the site.

If you like us in real life, then like us on Facebook.  If you’re not on Facebook, then join Facebook and like us. (It’s fun. You’ll reconnect with all your high-school exes.)

When we hit 800 Facebook likes, we’ll celebrate by jumping in the Russian River.

A big thank you to all our fabulous readers. We couldn’t do it without you.

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