Where did the time go?

Have you ever looked around your home and wondered to yourself "whose teenagers are those?"

Remember when?  When you brought your firstborn home from the hospital?  When you introduced him to his new baby sister?

Remember the sounds of them giggling together and you just knew there was trouble brewing? And now they’re teenagers.  When you look up at them (because they are taller than you are now) you still see their angelic toddler face.  When they celebrate a success, don’t you want to take them out for an ice cream cone?  And I wonder, when did they grow up?

Our day to day lives pass by so quickly.  If you don’t slow down and make a concentrated effort to connect with your kids, those years are gone.  They will have grown up and you didn’t even know it was happening.  

We go through the daily mechanics of our life.  We provide for our children, help them along with their education, attend their sporting events, but are we really there?  It’s so easy to just move through the motions.  We need to nurture the bond and create the memories.  

I have been told by more than one person that communicating with our children is the starting point.  There is the parental interest in what is going on in their lives, but a more in depth approach will bring us to the next level.  

Offering friendship, support, and genuine curiosity allows that parental bond to grow into a friendship.  Instead of saying, “you should do this,” how about, “how do you think you should handle that situation?”  

Those open lines of communication unlock the doors and allow the parent and child to develop a friendship and become part of one another’s lives on a whole new level.

Evening walks, trips to the playground, card games on a regular basis are such simple activities that we take for granted.  Turn off your phone (and theirs), unplug the TV -- and don’t worry about vacuuming.  

Thirty minutes spent one on one with your kids can build a relationship and memories that last a lifetime.  How do you connect?

Keri Brenner April 28, 2011 at 06:28 PM
@Christopher Young. Thanks for your post, which, unfortunately, I had to delete. I'm sorry you're having such intense problems at your home. Healdsburg Patch cannot run libelous statements about private citizens, including Healdsburg police officers. It violates our Terms of Service for this website. I hope you can find some help for this situation. Keri
Keri Brenner April 29, 2011 at 12:19 AM
@Christopher Young. Please give me a call at 707-291-3134 or send an email to keri.brenner@patch.com. I'd like to discuss your situation. Thanks, Keri


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