Métier Architect Named Finalist in American Business Awards

Jim Matysczak in running for a Stevie.


Métier, a Healdsburg-based announced Wednesday that lead architect Jim Matysczak has been named a finalist for "Product Developer of the Year" by the American Business Awards. 

According to Douglas Clark, chief executive officer of Métier,   Matysczak contributed greatly to creating ease of use in Métier's premier project portfolio management software, PPM Central™. 

"PPM Central is a game-changer for enterprise software because it is designed with the end user in mind," Clark said. "By making the interface clean, simple, and easy to use, users are more inclined to stay in the system longer and enter more data."

Clark said PPM Central is more intuitive and user friendly due to special features including drag and drop, search-based navigation, and the reduced need for clicks throughout the application.

Matysczak used a technology called HTML5 in designing PPM Central, according to Clark.

"By utilizing HTML5, Matysczak allows users to interact with visualizations of their portfolios without the use of Flash," he said. 

The American Business Awards will be presented at two awards events: the ABA's traditional banquet was held on Monday, June 18 in New York; and a new tech awards event will be held on Monday, Sept. 17 in San Francisco.  

"Métier will be in attendance at the event in San Francisco in recognition of Matysczak's achievement," Clark said.

This is Métier's 10th recognition from the Stevie Awards since 2008.



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