Raven Players' Director Publishes 5 Plays

John DeGaetano is directing (and has a bit part in) "Chicago the Musical," now playing at The Raven Theater in Healdsburg.


John DeGaetano, director of the current show by the at the in Healdsburg, takes a stab at creating some brand new twists for the stage covering comedy, mystery and other situations common to everyday lives by releasing five new original works.

DeGaetano, a longtime theater director and actor in the Bay Area and a Santa Rosa resident, has just completed the series with such titles as "The Fat Man," "Average Joe," "Once Upon a Crime," "A Situation in Safe Haven." and even a completely new story for an old character in "Sherlock Holmes and the Princess Jewel."

“In my mind, there's always been something missing in the staged productions I’ve seen over the years -- the timing, the actor’s style and commitment to character, the movement” DeGaetano said.

“In the series, I’ve attempted to touch upon this in addition to personal experiences that each of us have likely experienced, make the characters relate to life, make them adventurous, add a bit of silliness and then again, understand that no story could be complete without a touch of romance,” he added.

DeGaetano's directorial credits include such successful musical productions as "Cats," "The Pirates of Penzance" and "Chicago" in several venues throughout the North Bay.

All play titles are now available on Amazon.com.


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