Spa Offers 30-Day Cleanse for Post-Holiday Recovery

Nutritionist Mary Sheila Gonnella, at Osmosis Day Spa Sanctuary in Freestone, is supervising.


Have the sweets, treats and rich foods of the holidays -- not to mention the stress and hyperactivity -- already taken their toll on you?

Perhaps it would be helpful to sign up for a 30-day cleanse at a nearby spa?

Osmosis Day Spa Sanctuary in Freestone, near Occidental, is offering a cleanse package that includes massage, enzymes, nutritional counseling and cedar enzyme bath soaks.

Bauman Nutrition College graduate and instructor Mary Sheila Gonnella of Occidental is counselor for the program, called a Vitality Cleanse.

According to Gonnella, a fundamental element of the Vitality Cleanse is a 30-day program using three types of enzymes -- protease, probiotics and digestive. Enzymes are natural proteins that stimulate and accelerate many biological actions in the body.

The program also includes three of as well as a a 75-minute Lymphatic Massage with dry brushing.

For information on the 30-day Vitality Cleanse, click here.


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