Jing Pei disc slip ring patent

Disc slip ring slip ring is also called disc , disc collector ring , slip ring cake , like the name suggests its oval dish named.

Disc slip rings are specifically designed to solve a class of rotation within the narrow space using conductive slip ring , slip ring largest such feature is the space occupied by small, highly restricted occasions , our disc slip ring is the best solution.

Slip ring disc , comprising a stator , a rotor and shrapnel, one end of the connecting tabs on the stator , the other end of the tab in contact with the rotor , the stator and the rotor are provided with the mounting holes to the slip ring is mounted on the disc using the device , the wire is welded on the rotor . As can be seen from the above technical solution , the utility model will be welded tabs on the stator , stator design with mounting holes , can be connected to the customer's equipment , shrapnel is widely used in engineering parts, good elasticity, than traditional products Φ0 .3 wire brush wear and extend the life of the disc slip ring . In addition, the PCB copper rotor using special processing methods , replacing the traditional disc slip ring rotor , the rotor of this simple processing methods , the design of the rotor and the client device corresponding mounting holes of the rotor can be directly mounted on the rotating part of the client device , easy to install, simple structure.
Pan Cake Slip Rings


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