Collector ring material and choose a good business

Collector ring is also called a conductive ring, a slip ring , slip ring , slip rings, brushes , slip ring, rotary joint , rotary joints and other electrical conductive ring can improve system performance and simplify the system structure , the rotary joint to avoid activities The sprained wires. Widely used in security , wind power, factory automation , power, finance, instrumentation, chemical, metallurgy, medical, aerospace , military , marine, transportation , construction and other mechanical and electrical equipment , the conductive ring can be used in any desired continuous rotation , while also power and signals to be transmitted from a stationary to a rotating electromechanical system.

Collector ring material is an important factor affecting the quality of the collector ring , the mechanical strength required , and if the point of a good conductor , but also have stable sliding contact and wear resistance properties .

Jing Pei high -quality electronic products led the development of the industry , products are exported to Europe, America , Japan and other developed countries, and with a number of well-known international brands to establish a long-term friendly relations of cooperation. With a strong R & D capabilities , as well as many years of experience in the development and production of the famous manufacturers and close cooperation , we can only provide general industrial slip ring , but also according to customer requirements designed , custom -specific specifications of the slip ring .

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