Jing Pei Electronic High-speed Fiber Optic Slip Ring (American Samoa) [Save Ad to View Later]

Fiber aura ( also known as fiber optic slip rings , fiber optic rotary joint ) , the use of fiber-optic data transmission media , to address the broadband connection between the system components rotate a wide , high-speed data transmission rate , provides the best technical solution. Particularly suitable for applications requiring unlimited, continuous rotation while transmitting large amounts of data needed from stationary to a rotating position , place the video signal can improve mechanical performance, simplify system operation to avoid rotation of the joints wire damage. Can be used with traditional electronic slip ring , ring with the use of electric power , slip rings made ​​opto-electronic hybrid , electric power transmission and high-speed data and video signals.

1 , the product description :

1 ) Features: high speed, transfer rate, anti-interference , high reliability, high level of protection , long life ;

2 ) Application: military, aerospace , industrial areas and the protection of national or international security system submarine operating systems, such as:

★ undersea signal transmission between the robot and the control of the ship ;
★ rocket missiles ;
★ radar antenna ;
★ radar signal transmission between the antenna and the vehicle signal processing systems ;
★ theodolite ;
Rotating tower signal transmission between the console and the car body ★ chariot ;
★ signal transmission between the welding robot and console ;
★ submarine cables ;
★ remote mechanical signaling equipment and console input and output between ;
★ material handling systems.

About Us:
Shenzhen Jing Pei Electronics Co. was founded in 1996 , covers an area of ​​7000 square meters , existing staff of 500 people , and is owned by a few worked in multinational companies and domestic famous research institute had experienced engineers R & D team . Currently, the company has become a leading, with years of experience ,

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