Circle K, Graffiti Take Center Stage in Healdsburg Police Log

Cinco de Mayo apparently brought out the spray paint around Lupine Rd., and warrants appear to be honored at the convenience store on Healdsburg Ave.

April 29, at 3:20 pm, vandalism occurred at Bill and Ginos, on Mill St. No suspects were seen.

5:38 pm, a person reported a stolen bike beach cruiser, from Badger Park. It had butterflies and flowers on it. UPDATE: Bike located.

8:13 pm, domestic violence, physical was reported on Ward St. The reporting party said her boyfriend had hit her in the face and left the house, either on foot or on a bike. Officers responded, and a stop and hold warrant was issued for Gustavo Escobar Martinez, 37.

6:33 on the morning of April 30, Tuesday, Martinez (the suspect from the previous evening) was reported back in front of the residence. Lt. Jenkins and officers responded, Lt. Jenkins located the subject on the railroad bridge. He was arrested and transported to the Police Department.

May 1, Wednesday, at 8:55 a.m., an act of battery was reported at Healdsburg High School on Grant St.

That afternoon, at 6:55 pm, a 911 caller reported that two subjects had made threatening statements to her for being a Muslim, as they passed her on their bikes while she was walking her kids to the park at Fitch Mountain Elementary Campus on Monte Vista Ave.

The woman described a white male, 25 years of age, on a black BMX bike; the other was a female on a larger bike, both were last seen heading northbound on University Ave. Officers Whitemore and Erkel responded, but were unable to locate the subjects on bikes. Officers advised to be on the lookout.

Early in the morning of May 2, Thursday, a 911 caller reported subjects outside at Healdsburg Ave. and March, possibly getting ready to fight. When officers Eland and Moore responded, they were told the fight had been among friends, no one wished to pursue the matter. Medical attention was required for an injury to one of the subjects sustained earlier in the day.

At 1:33 a.m., Vandalism was reported at the Healdsburg Performing Arts Theater on North St. The ticket window had been smashed..

AT 4:45 p.m. on Thursday, April 2, a woman on Rosewood Dr. called to say that an individual had just put a hole in the wall of her house. “WE have been out there numerous times in the past week,” reads the police activity log. “He is bi-polar and does not take meds.” Officers responded and arrested the subject.

At 5:05 p.m., things started picking up at Circle K on Healdsburg Ave. A white male with a black shirt at a #6 on the back was yelling at customers as they came into the store. Malcolm M. Fleming, 33, was taken into custody on his warrant for irrational behavior.

AT 11:48 pm, again at Circle K, Dorian Villagomez was arrested on warrants for willful disobedience of a court order and felony vandalism, and transported to county jail.

On May 3, Friday, at 4:45 p.m., a 911 caller from Healdsburg and Matheson reported a  balding man, holding his hand on his head, as the reckless driver of an old 2 door small truck, light in color.

Saturday morning, May 4, at 9:25, graffiti was reported at Marie Butler and Monahan Pools on Sherman St. Three spots of graffiti were reported, one says SUR/LA in black and white spray paint. 740 Sherman St. is also reported as a victim.

At 5:02 p.m., two Hispanic women – one off them wearing a blue dress and bleeding – jumped into a silver Jeep and left the area, after having been assaulted by at least one off three Hispanic males at Badger Park. The males, wearing white t-shirts and shorts, had left toward the river when the females left in the jeep. No further action was requested. Officer Shooter checked the area but was unable to locate anyone.

At 6:28 pm., a bicyclist reported via 911 that he witnessed ten to fifteen subjects spray painting “the big rocks up by the buildings” at Gauntlet Reservoir on Sunnyvale Dr. Sgt. Castaneda responded, was unable to locate any subjects or graffiti.

Just after midnight on Sunday, May 5, a man called to report that he was approached by a white male and his friends who brandished  a knife. Officers Close, Shooter and Sgt. Rodriguez responded. The description matched a known suspect, who was contacted at Circle K; the suspect denied brandishing a knife.

A short time later, at 12:55 a.m., a fight was reported at Memorial Bridge involving five subjects. Officers responded, the area was checked, unable to locate.

The next morning, at 11:10, graffiti was reported at several locations on or near Lupine Court at Alexandria. HTN and XIV were reported.

Numerous additional graffiti reports were made throughout the day, May 5, including locations at Healdsburg Junior High School, at Linda View Dr. and Ferrero Dr., and at Lupine Rd.

At 6:50 pm on May 5, two Hispanic males were reported drinking alcohol and possibly smoking marijuana outside the Circle K on Healdsburg Ave. They were reported wearing baggy t-shirts and baseball caps; one had a gray pit-bull. Officer Shooter responded and contacted a male and a female, who were smoking cigarettes. They were warned about drinking in public.

At 8:13 on Sunday night, May 5, a student at Healdsburg Junior High called to speak to an officer about the theft of her iPod. A suspect had contacted the student via Facebook saying she had it, but it was later reported turned in at the Healdsburg Junior High. The reporting party did  not want to report it as a theft until she confirmed the school had it. Officer Shooter advised her to contact the school first.


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