Ex-Employee of General Dynamics Ejected From Firm's Property for Third Time

Healdsburg police say he will be arrested if he shows up again.


Police ejected an ex-employee of Healdsburg high-tech drone manufacturer General Dynamics from the firm's parking lot Tuesday after he allegedly was knocking on windows to try to have workers let him in.

"He was warned to stay away two other times," said Healdsburg Det. Nick Casteneda, who responded to the 1:30 p.m. call at the firm's Grove Street offices.  "This was the third time."

Casteneda said the man, who was unarmed, was given a warning that if he shows up again, he would be arrested. He declined to identify the man except to say that he was not a Healdsburg resident.

Casteneda said the man was laid off from his job at General Dynamics. The detective had no word on the exact layoff date, but he said the man had shown up twice before in the last two weeks, trying to get inside the secure building.

"He was knocking on windows from the outside parking lot," Casteneda said. "He said he wanted to talk with some individuals."

Casteneda said the company, which recently expanded in Healdsburg, is seeking a restraining order against the man. If he shows up again, the firm will have permission to do a citizens' arrest, he said.

"I told him if he wants to talk to people, to do it away from the company, like on Facebook," Casteneda said. "We try to resolve things peacefully."

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zoe moire October 17, 2012 at 09:53 PM
He is on private property - a little off his rocker (sounds like) because banging on windows of a former firm is not quite in the range of normal activity. If he's a little hot-wired, and this economy is very challenging. Since we don't know why he was laid off, etc. I'll hope for the best for the folks inside the building. What say you all about security cameras and....???
Keri Brenner October 21, 2012 at 07:06 PM
Hi Zoe: I agree. It's a little disconcerting to wonder if he's coming back and if so, what he might try next. Hopefully General Dynamics is beefing up their security. Thanks for your comment.


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