UPDATE: Second Apartment Damaged in Tree Crash That Almost Hit Sleeping Baby

Second apartment sustains heating duct and wiring damage.

UPDATE: 4 p.m. Monday

A second apartment was damaged by a tree that crashed through the roof of an apartment complex at 218 University Ave. in Healdsburg at about 2 a.m. Sunday.

Tenant Mindy Ward said her apartment also sustained damage to the roof, as did an adjacent unit where a tree branch poked a hole in the roof just inches away from a sleeping baby.

"The tree hit a beam right between our two apartments," Ward said.

"My damage right now is the roof," she added. "The tree took out our heating duct and possibly some wiring -- that is why the power was turned off."

She said her neighbor, whose first name is Stanley, does work at Safeway as mentioned earlier. According to a downstairs tenant, Stanley, whose last name was not available, was working at Safeway Sunday morning when the tree fell into the complex.

Ward said the owner of the complex, whose name was not available, has been contacted. She said Giovannoni and Cooper real estate firm is the property manager.

ORIGINAL STORY: 12 p.m. Monday

A major tragedy was averted Sunday morning when a tree crashed through the roof of a second floor Healdsburg apartment, missing a sleeping baby by less than 2 feet.

The incident was triggered at about 2 a.m. when extreme wind and rain toppled the tree onto an apartment building at 218 University St., said  Maria Lopez, a downstairs tenant whose apartment was unaffected by the crash.

"It was very loud," Lopez said Monday.  "It came that close to the baby," she said, holding up her hands apart by about 18 inches.

Lopez said the family, whose name was not available, are staying in a hotel.

Healdsburg Police Officer Scott Eland and Healdsburg Fire Department both responded to the incident at 2:20 a.m. Sunday, a police dispatcher said.

"According to the log, there were no injuries," the dispatcher said.

Tree removal specialists from Image Tree Service in Windsor and Healdsburg were at the scene Monday to take away the large Redwood tree section that fell, said Ignacio Montes of Image Tree Service.

"There is a pretty good hole in the roof," Montes said. "There was a lot of damage."

Montes said he was not sure of the name of the landlord or owner of the buildling, but has been in contact with a man named Phillip Chan. It was not immediately clear if Chan was the owner or was affiliated with an insurance compay.

Lopez said her brother, who lives with her in the downstairs apartment, contacted the father of the baby, who was in Safeway at the time of the crash. It was not immediately clear if the father was working at Safeway, or just shopping there.

"My brother went to Safeway," Lopez said. "He talked to him [the father] there."

Lopez said she is worried because two other trees near the complex also shook in the heavy winds.

"They were moving too much," she said.

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