Congressman's Whirlwind North Coast Visit

Rep. Jared Huffman hit the high spots of Sonoma County yesterday, including the Healdsburg Hospital's Northern California Wound Care Clinic and Quivira Winery.

A congressman’s life is not an easy one, especially one whose district is among the largest in the country, stretching from the Golden Gate to the Oregon border. It’s the sort of terrain that keeps a congressman on the move.

For Jared Huffman, touring the North Coast region of “the New 2” – the new 2nd Congressional District he was elected to serve in November 2012, it’s all part of the process of getting to know the electorate.

Take yesterday, March 27 for example. After traveling from Crescent City to Ukiah the day before, the congressman and his compact entourage began Wendesday in Cloverdale, just inside the Sonoma County line, with a visit to a Healthcare Clinic. Then they moved on to the Geyserville to the Fire District headquarters in Alexander before coming to Healdsburg and the Northern California Wound Clinic.

At the Clinic, in a building on Healdsburg Ave. about a mile from the   Rep. Huffman and his two-person staff had a 20-minute orientation from clinic director Dr. Dan Rose, who directs an innovative program using Hyperbaric Pressure tanks to immerse patients in increased atmospheric pressure of double that at sea level, with a 100% oxygen atmosphere. The treatment has proven extraordinarily effective for a wide range of medical problems, from diabetic ulcers to cancerous tumors and recovery to strokes.

After a break for lunch, they went to Quivira Vineyards in Dry Creek to present his first Sustainable North Coast certificate of recognition. As an assemblyman representing San Rafael in the California State legislature, Huffman made frequent awards to local small businesses in sustainability.

“I am very impressed with the steps that Quivira has taken to restore waterways, conserve energy and cut down on greenhouse gas emissions,” Congressman Huffman said. “Small businesses like Quivira are leading the fight against climate change­­—and Washington should take note.”

Then it was on to Sebastopol and Petaluma before reaching Marin County – the congressman is from San Rafael – and even more visits to local projects in the congressman’s expansive district today.

“That’s what congressional breaks are like,” said district director Jenny Calloway. “They’re not really breaks at all.”


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