Developer to Purchase Grant Street Village Townhouses

Work on the project stopped in March 2010.


After months of languishing in limbo, will soon see new life, according to Healdsburg planning staff.

"A developer is closing escrow next week on the Grant Street Village project and plans to begin the process of completing the project in the near future," said Healdsburg Senior Planner Lynn Goldberg.

Goldberg declined to identify the developer, saying she felt it would be better to wait until the deal was completed.

Healdsburg Patch in crafting a plan to finish the project while adhering to affordable housing requirements that had been part of the original plan

The changing housing market presented a challenge to the city in creating affordable housing options that would be attractive enough to buyers, but still provide enough return on investment to make the project worth developing.

Goldberg made clear that the Grant Street Village project was private and not sponsored by the city. The city, however, monitors such things as building permits and whether developers are following the city code, such as affordable housing requirements.


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