Environmental Review Of Healdsburg Bridge Offers Greater Chance Of Federal Funding

Healdsburg city staff are working to secure the maximum amount of funding to pay for the Healdsburg Avenue Bridge seismic retrofit and refurbishing.

While there is some disappointment over the delay of plans to do a seismic retrofit of the it offers the best chance of obtaining, according to Healdsburg City Manager Marjie Pettus.

Pettus stated that the city received new information this spring that caused them to modify the not-yet-concrete schedule while looking into the new grant. Lobbyists for the city advised staff to apply for the multi-million dollar federal grant.

“We don’t want to do anything to jeopardize funding, said Pettus. “The federal application requires an environmental review.

Funding for the review will “come from a big CalTrans allocation, continued Pettus. “The reality is we can do nothing without grant money.”

“We’re collecting data right now, said Public Works Director Mike Kirns. “We expect the environmental review to be completed in early 2012.”

has been a driving force in the refurbishment of the bridge.  He’s responsible for a re-rating of the bridge by CalTrans due to faulty calculation based on an assumption of pin placement. 

In addition, Amato has gathered community members to boost the idea of a seismic retrofit and refurbishment of the bridge.  The group successfully lobbied the city council to stand behind that concept.

Amato admitted disappointment over the delay, but said after talking with city staff, he understood it better.

 “Marjie (Pettus) and Mike (Kirns) sat down with me and gave me the reasons behind the delay,” he said.  “I think they intend to move forward with the rehab as they get the funding.”

Healdsburg Mayor Tom Chambers reiterated that the council heard and and refurbished. (See accompanying video).


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