Foss Creek Circle: Clockwise 1-Way a Must to Accommodate Business Loading Dock, Trucks

Silver Oak Cellars trucks would be unable to navigate counter-clockwise one-way.


Healdsburg's will have to travel clockwise because trucks from a major business around the Foss Creek Circle loop could not navigate from a counter-clockwise direction, city officials said.

"It is intuitive to go counter-clockwise," Healdsburg City Manager Marjie Pettus said Tuesday, echoing comments readers. "But we are marrying the needs of the , the business owners, the residents in the condo complex and the traveling patterns of city residents."

According to Pettus, Silver Oak Cellars winery loading dock, located on Foss Creek Circle, is configured to accept truck deliveries and pickups only from a clockwise direction.

Healdsburg Postmaster Joe Machado, who last week suggested that the winery rebuild their loading dock -- an idea Pettus on Tuesday called "absurd," she said.

"The overall response from City Council is that we've done a lot of accommodation over the on Foss Creek Circle," Pettus said. "Now it's time to take care of the other residents and business people who are using Foss Creek Circle."

"It's a difficult balance," Pettus added. "There are a lot of different users: the post office, the businesses, the residents in the [Foss Creek Condominiums] condo complex, the citizens who are driving.

"And there are the issues of safety, parking and the movement of traffic," Pettus added. "What we tried to do is look at the different users and the different issues of safety, parking and traffic, and to come up with something that accommodates the users and which addresses those issues."

The switch to one-way is expected to happen in the next four to six weeks, she said. The cost is estimated at $9,200 for signs, striping and other roadwork.

The clockwise route enters from the south intersection of Foss Creek Circle and Grove Street and exits from the north intersection of those two streets.

Moral Conflict September 29, 2012 at 07:49 AM
This is crazy. I can’t believe this discussion/project is still going on. I have never experienced ANY issues on Foss, and I use it a lot (not just for the P.O.) It’s a road, it has driveways. Can people truly not handle that to a level where the city needs to start controlling the direction of traffic flow? I think the 57% of businesses on Foss who didn’t reply to the survey speaks volumes about what should be done. (Nothing!) Cars stacking up at the intersection is going to be a HUGE issue. (Anybody ever been stuck at Front & Hbg Ave for 20 min?) Put a stripe down the center, all problems solved, none created. Super simple! Also.. There is plenty of room to get to that dock from either direction, sure clockwise is a little easier, but its not impossible (or even moderately difficult) going counter clockwise. Ask any real truck driver if he/she could do it, and you will hear a yes. Ooh!! Sounds like we have topics for a few more Patch polls!! I’m curious. Maybe its me that’s crazy.
Keri Brenner (Editor) September 29, 2012 at 05:47 PM
Hi M.C.: Thanks for your note. Looks like the 1-way is happening on Tuesday, ready or not. As you suggest, we have discussed this at length on Patch. If you care to bring if forward more publicly, there is a Healdsburg City Council meeting Monday night where you could speak during public comment. Beyond that, I guess we will have to see how it goes....


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