Healdsburg's In-House Electric Crew 'Hot' on Maintenance

Workers repair aging equipment on University Street power pole while power is still turned on and lines are called "hot."


on Monday upgraded a major power pole configuration that delivers electricity to the entire north end of town.

"It's one of the benefits of having our own crew here in town," said Healdsburg electric lineman Jason Hageman. "We get to focus on maintenance."

Hageman and about a half-dozen other crew members took several hours to replace a 28-year-old "recloser" -- a type of circuit breaker -- at the top of the power pole on University Street just north of Powell Avenue.

Keeping up with new equipment helps avoid power outages, Hageman said.

He noted that the crew did not turn the power off to customers Monday and instead did the work while the lines were active or "hot."

"Generally we don't turn the power off," Hageman said, noting that the department tries to avoid inconveniencing customers. "Most of our work is done while the lines are electrified."

Having an in-house crew is also beneficial for response times if outages do occur, he said.

The power pole on University Street delivers electricity to all Healdsburg customers from Powell Avenue north to the city line.

Linda Collister April 24, 2012 at 12:03 AM
It is great to have an electric on call crew during emergencies such as structure fires and trees into power lines. Their fast response times make it safer for the public and emergency response workers. We have a quote at the fire department when we talk about them "Firefighters need heroes too". Linda Collister
Keri Brenner (Editor) April 24, 2012 at 12:25 AM
Well said!
Rachael H. April 24, 2012 at 11:48 PM
As a resident of Healdsburg for over thirty years I have observed and seen first hand the benefits of having our own electric department and crew. Aside from not having to wait very long when the power goes out to be restored, we also have the added benefits of up to date equipment and the electric department making sure that service is not interrupted to residents or businesses unless absolutely necessary.--Rachael H.


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