'Occupy Healdsburg' Planned for Thursday

Healdsburg Peace Project organizes event.

Buoyed by the impact of the event Sunday, members of the are planning an "Occupy Healdsburg" demonstration for Thursday, Oct. 20, from 6 to 7 p.m. at the west side of Healdsburg Plaza.

"The 'Occupy Santa Rosa' event yesterday was a huge success," organizers said in a news release. "Before people marched, they’d packed all four corners of the intersection of Santa Rosa Avenue and Second Street, filled to capacity the large open space in front of City Hall, and extended around the city buildings and down Santa Rosa Avenue."

At least 30 people from Healdsburg were there, Peace Project leaders said.

"Then, as we marched, more folks joined us!" they said. "Big, yes, but more important, spirited, informed, enthusiastic --  and in no mood to just have one symbolic event and then go home.

"As one sign said, “This Is So Not Over!” Healdsburg leaders said.

As a result, Healdsburg Peace Project, which has already conducted Thursday night anti-war vigils for more than nine years, will "continue to be the anti-war vigils of the Healdsburg Peace Project, AND be a support action for

Healdsburg leaders said the "Occupy" focus is nothing new for the group.

"For the nine plus years of anti-war vigiling, we've been quite clear that the wars have economic causes and ramifications," they said.

"We’ve been holding signs such as “Main Street Not Wall Street,” “Tax the 1%,” “Healthcare not Warfare,” etc.," they said.

"And, that educate about economic injustice, such as "The Corporation" and "Inside Job," the leaders said. "Now we’re just going to focus on that aspect of the crisis a bit more, and join our voices to those calling for justice worldwide."

Tom October 17, 2011 at 10:50 PM
Don't these individuals have anything better to do? Like get a job. I bet they live off of trust funds, investment funds or government payouts that all come from the very institutions they are protesting. Talk about biting the hand that feeds you.
Christian Kallen October 18, 2011 at 12:19 AM
Having been to the Occupy Santa Rosa gathering and knowing many people interested it such demonstrations, Tom, I'm pretty sure you're dead wrong. I don't live off trust funds, investment funds or government payouts - like many others I'm "under-employed" and trying to make ends meet on a week-to-week basis, having been progressively "down-sized" over the past five years. I'm not looking for a hand-out or a hand to feed me, but respect for my skills and work history. And believe me my kids won't have a trust fund, either - I lost about 90% of my invested IRA money in the 2008 "crash" and do not expect to see it back. It's as much for them I'm demonstrating.
Chris Herrod October 18, 2011 at 04:22 PM
Tom -If you are sincere about learning about the OWS movement's motivations, please see this page: http://www.businessinsider.com/what-wall-street-protesters-are-so-angry-about-2011-10 It will take you a few minutes to look through the charts but they clearly and unemotionally describe the situation that has caused discontent over the behavior of Wall St. and the big corporations.
Sadona Mondabough Cochran October 19, 2011 at 12:59 AM
I have no trust fund, no investments or payouts.I am a mom with kids to feed. I have 3 children, a family of 5, which I am attempting to support on under $1800 per month. I don't want a hand out. Heck, I'll take a job at half the pay I supported this family on before, which was substantially more than our current take home. I want to be able to feed them, cloth them, shelter them and offer them medical services when needed. These basic life necessities are made more complicated. Our life has had to reformat to fit our current budget. Shouldn’t the government do the same? Most folks I know are spending 60+ hours a week working, for pay that does not even cover their bills. I got ill from working 3 jobs this summer. We are not meant to work so much with nothing to show for it in the end. My child, a local 5th grader, led hundreds of folks to chant at OSR (Occupy Santa Rosa). “The people are speaking, it’s time to listen”. If a 10 year old gets it, maybe, just maybe others will too. We have nothing left to offer the next generation, other than change! We are excited to be able to participate even closer to home. It’s time to stop talking about action and take a stand. It’s time to shut up and show up!


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