Some Flights Canceled or Delayed out of SFO Today

Rain in San Francisco and storms on the East Coast are slowing things down. We'll update throughout the day.

Some Bay Area airports are facing delays and cancellations due to rain today, on one of the busiest travel days of the year.

At San Francisco International Airport (SFO), airport duty manager John Ginty said 61 flights -- 31 arrivals and 30 departures -- were canceled as of 11:10 a.m. this morning.

"The cancellations are mostly on the short-haul, regional jets, because there are so many of them that airlines can put people on a later flight," he said.

Other flights are seeing delays. The airport tweeted at about 11:45 a.m. that the average delay was 60 minutes. The delay time is expected to increase by this evening and will start impacting outbound flights, Ginty said.

The FAA is limiting the number of flights that can land there through 9 p.m. That number is down to 30, from the usual 60, he said.

There are many delays into Midwest and East Coast airports, with longer delays for flights arriving at Newark International Airport and Boston's Logan Airport. However, Ginty said that was not impacting SFO as of 11:10 a.m.

An estimated 130,000 passengers are expected to pass through SFO today, according to airport officials.

Oakland International Airport is tracking on-time flights in and out of the airport this morning with no cancellations, according to airport operations staff. The airport was expected to see increased activity today before the Christmas holiday, according to officials.

According to the National Weather Service, rain is moving south from the North Bay this morning and will continue to fall through Sunday, making for a soggy weekend throughout the Bay Area.

Bay City News Service contributed to this report.


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