Monday's Healdsburg City Council: Pot, E-Cigs, Alcohol Consumption on Agenda

City of Healdsburg.
City of Healdsburg.
City Council Meeting

Date: 5/5/2014 6:00 PM
Location: City Hall Council Chamber
401 Grove Street
Healdsburg, California 95448



        (a)     Call to Order Concurrent Meeting of the City Council and Redevelopment Successor Agency (RSA) Board 
        (b)     Roll Call 
        (c)     Pledge of Allegiance 
        (d)     Approval of May 5, 2014 Regular Meeting Agenda 
        (e)     Approval of Minutes – April 21, 2014 Regular Meeting 


        A.     Recognition – City Employee Anniversaries 

        B.     Proclamation – 2014 Building Safety Month 

        C.     Proclamation – Poppy Month 

        D.     Proclamation declaring May 17-18, 2014 as Community Resilience Challenge Weekend in the City of



        A.     Utilities Department update 


       This time is set aside to receive comments from the public regarding matters of general interest not on the
        agenda, but related to City Council/RSA business. Pursuant to the Brown Act, however, the City Council/RSA
        cannot consider any issues or take action on any requests during this comment period. Speakers are
        encouraged to limit their comments to 5 minutes maximum so that all speakers have an opportunity to
        address the City Council/RSA Board. 

6.      CONSENT CALENDAR – The following items listed on the Consent Calendar are considered routine and action
         will be taken by the City Council/RSA Board by a single motion. A Councilmember, staff or the public may
         request that an item be removed from the Consent Calendar and action taken separately. In the event an
         item is removed, it may be considered as the first scheduled item in the agenda under Old or New Business.
         Members from the public wishing to speak on a Consent Agenda item should notify the Mayor during Public

        A.     Adopt Ordinance No. 1136, upon second reading, amending Chapter 8.24 of the Healdsburg Municipal
                Code to prohibit the use of electronic smoking devices in public places and places of employment

        B.     Adopt resolution finding the continued existence of a local emergency related to the ongoing regional and
                statewide drought conditions (Utilities Department) 

        C.     Adopt a resolution amending the Professional Services Agreement for geotechnical peer review services
                with Alan Kropp and Associates to extend the term to June 30, 2015 and increase the not to exceed
                amount to $80,000 (Planning and Building Department) 

        D.     Adopt a resolution amending the Professional Services Agreement for inspection and plan review services
                with Coastland Civil Engineering to extend the term to June 30, 2015 and increase the not to exceed
                amount to $245,000 (Planning and Building Department) 

        E.     Adopt resolution amending the Professional Services Agreement with Mintier Harnish Planning Consultants
                for an additional $5,715 to include an expanded public outreach strategy as part of the update to the
                City’s Housing Element of the General Plan (Planning and Building Department) 

        F.     Adopt resolution approving a Professional Services Agreement with First Carbon Solutions in the amount
                of $53,360 to prepare the required environmental documentation for a proposed hotel development at
                227 Healdsburg Avenue (Planning and Building Department) 

        G.     Adopt resolution approving a Professional Services Agreement with Walker Parking Consultants in the
                amount of $53,300 to prepare a parking management plan (Planning and Building Department) 

        H.     Adopt resolution declaring a public nuisance to exist within certain parcels in the City and setting the time
                and place for hearing protests to weed abatement (Fire Department) 

        I.     Adopt resolution re-authorizing the collection of a voter approved 2% increase to the City’s Transient
                Occupancy Tax effective June 1, 2014 with a requirement to review financial need every two years with
                re-authorization provisions (Administrative Services Department) 

        J.     Receipt of Planning Commission actions taken at its April 22, 2014 meeting (Planning and Building

        K.     By motion, approve the Healdsburg Future Farmers Country Fair Board’s request to allow consumption
                of alcohol in Recreation Park at the Livestock Buyers’ Dinner on May 24, 2014 (Community Services

        L.     By motion, approve Soroptimist International of Healdsburg’s request to allow consumption of alcohol in
                Plaza Park at the annual Beer in the Plaza Festival on September 6, 2014 (Community Services

        M.     By motion, approve Healdsburg Center for the Arts’ request to allow consumption of alcohol on Plaza
                Street at the Healdsburg Arts Festival and approve street closures on Plaza Street between Center
                Street and East Street from 6:00 a.m. Saturday, September 20 to 8:00 p.m. Sunday, September 21,
                2014 (Community Services Department) 

        N.     By motion, approve Events with Sole’s request to allow consumption of alcohol in the City Hall Parking Lot
                off of Grove Street at the seventh annual Healdsburg Half Marathon on October 12, 2014; and approve:
                (1) a street closure on Grove Street between North Street and Foss Creek Circle from 5:30 a.m. –
                12:00 p.m.; (2) rolling road closures: Grove Street between Foss Creek Circle and Dry Creek Road from
                7:30 – 8:30 a.m.; and Grove Street between Dry Creek Road and Foss Creek Circle from 8:30 – 10:30
                 a.m.; and (3) a street closure of southbound Grove Street between Dry Creek Road and Grant Street
                 from 8:00 – 10:30 a.m. (Community Services Department) 

        O.     Adopt resolution approving and ratifying amendments to the Redwood Empire Municipal Insurance Fund
                (REMIF) Joint Powers Agreement (JPA) on behalf of the City and authorize the City Manager to execute
                 any further instrument constituting amendment to the JPA (Administrative Services Department) 

        P.     Adopt resolution approving the Amended Library Joint Powers Agreement (JPA); and authorizing staff to
                initiate recruitment proceedings to fill the Healdsburg Library Commissioner position (Administration) 

        Q.     Adopt resolution amending the Professional Services Agreement with First Carbon Solutions for an
                additional $11,650 to prepare an addendum to an Initial Study/Mitigated Negative Declaration for the
                Midtowne Healdsburg Rezone, Tentative Subdivision Map and Design Review Project (Planning and
                Building Department) 


        A.     Consider introducing for first reading an ordinance amending the Healdsburg Municipal Code Title 20 Land
                Use Code to add Section 20.20.100, Marijuana Cultivation, to Chapter 20.20-Standards for Specific Land
                Uses (Police Chief Burke) 




        A.     Consider adopting a resolution conditionally awarding the bid for Construction of the Foss Creek Pathway
                Segment 6 to Argonaut Constructors in the amount of $1,303,305 (Utilities Director Crowley) 

        B.     Consider adopting resolution approving an Addendum to Final Environmental Impact Report for the City
                of Healdsburg’s Wastewater Treatment Plan Upgrade/Seasonal Irrigation Reuse Project (Utilities Director

        C.      Receive and file the Classification and Compensation Study prepared by Fox Lawson and Associated
                 (Administrative Services Director Hayes) 




SB 343 - DOCUMENTS RELATED TO OPEN SESSION AGENDAS: Any writings or documents provided to a majority of the City Council/Redevelopment Successor Agency Board regarding any item on this agenda after the posting of this agenda and not otherwise exempt from disclosure, will be made available for public review in the City Clerk’s Office located at City Hall, 401 Grove Street, Healdsburg, during normal business hours. If supplemental materials are made available to the members of the City Council/Redevelopment Successor Agency Board at the meeting, a copy will be available for public review at the City Hall Council Chambers, 401 Grove Street, Healdsburg, CA 95448. 

These writings will be made available in appropriate alternative formats upon request by a person with a disability, as required by the Americans with Disabilities Act. 

DISABLED ACCOMMODATIONS: The City of Healdsburg will make reasonable accommodations for persons having special needs due to disabilities. Please contact Maria Curiel, City Clerk, at Healdsburg City Hall, 401 Grove Street, Healdsburg, California, 431-3317, at least 72 hours prior to the meeting, to ensure the necessary accommodations are made. 


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