Vietnam Vet Speaks at The Healdsburg School Graduation Wednesday

Ceremony to feature Scott Takahashi.


World War II 100th Battalion will be represented at the 2012 commencement ceremony at(THS).

The keynote address at THS’s graduation will be given by Scott Takahashi, a Vietnam veteran and the son of a WWII member of the famous "Go For Broke" 100th battalion that was comprised of patriotic Japanese-Americans who backed their loyalty and dedication to the United States with personal commitment and sacrifice.

Takahashi will tell the story of what the "Go For Broke" battalion was, why and how it came to be, what it meant to those who served, what it represented on the World War II stage, and how important the organization remains.

“This presentation underscores a commitment at THS to support the values upon which this country was founded, and further supports the education of our children to become critical thinkers and leaders,” said Sandi Passalacqua, THS Founder and head of the schoo.

The Healdsburg School’s eighth grade graduation ceremony will be at 4 p.m. Wednesday at the school at 33-H Healdsburg Ave.


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