All Eyes on the Super Bowl

The Big Game is this Sunday -- Super Bowl XLVI (46), between the New England Patriots and the New York Giants. Where in our area is the best place to watch?

No, the 49ers aren't in it this year - though they came surpringly close, didn't they? But the Super Bowl is the Super Bowl, and the Big Game approaching thought it was time for an update on last year's game-watching pictoral.

For the most part it's still the usual suspects, bars and restaurants and a pizza joint - but at least one out-of-town place that's catching attention, the new Hooters in the nearby college town of Rohnert Park.

Click on the picture or arrows to navigate the slideshow. The 10 hot spots for Game Day include the following:

Richard Sorensen Romero, J.D. February 04, 2011 at 02:44 AM
Nice promotion of Healdsburg businesses Christian! I am certain that the numerous Healdsburg warm and friendly restaurants, taverns, and other venues will welcome your promotion of a Windsor business over ours. I know Patterson's, but do they serve free homemade chili, potato salad, corn bread, and garlic bread made by locals, as our B & B served during a recent game. Have you been to Johnny's Tavern, Frank & Ernie's Steakhouse. Oh that's right as you stated in referring to Healdsburg businesses "It's the usual suspects, bars and restaurants and a pizza joint." I am sure that our Healdsburg pizza owner appreciates being referred to as a "joint." I love Healdsburg Patch Christian, as you know; I just did not realize that it had become Windsor Patch at the expense of loss of revenue to our fantastic, personal local businesses. I am moving to Windsor this month after living 39 years in Healdsburg. Healdsburg is still home and I will pass on Patterson's on Sunday and watch the game in a "Healdsburg Joint."
Richard Sorensen Romero, J.D. February 04, 2011 at 06:51 PM
Hi Christian, thank you for your comments but I will not respond or contribute further. Keri but again summarily deleted a follow-up post on my part to her comment. Nothing was inflammatory or defamatory; it apparently did not meet her approval. So you see Christian we no longer are experiencing an equal discussion of community issues between Healdsburgers and Healdsburg Patch. Unilateral censorship by the Editor, when the post is appropriate but not agreed upon, is not freedom of expression. I have enjoyed your articles Christian as others and am impressed with your desire to be an active and alert correspondent. I have seen a change in the direction of Healdsburg Patches' coverage. Perhaps my posts were solely welcomed when they were complimentary of Patch. Hey, we are not children but as the Buffalo Sprinfield sang:"Something's happening here; what it is isn't exactly clear."


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