Pro Ballplayer Investigated on Allegations of Hotel Room Sex Assault

Police sources say California native Evan Reed, a pitcher for the Detroit Tigers, is the subject of the investigation.

Evan Reed
Evan Reed
A Detroit Tigers player with ties to California is under investigation for alleged sexual assault in Michigan.

The Wayne County Prosecutor’s Office is investigating a sexual assault complaint against a 28-year-old Detroit Tigers player, officials said.

The player hasn’t been named by the Wayne County Prosecutor's Office, but The Detroit News is reporting Tigers relief pitcher Evan Reed, 28, is the subject of the police investigation, citing sources in the Detroit Police Department.

Reed graduated from high school in Quincy, CA, and attended college at California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo. He was born in Santa Maria, CA, in 1985.

The county prosecutor’s office acknowledged its investigation centers around events at the MotorCity Casino Hotel the night before the Tigers’ Opening Day (March 31).

The accuser, a 45-year-old woman, reportedly told police she was drugged and raped after meeting Reed at a Royal Oak bar. The woman said she had several drinks and danced with Reed, then doesn’t remember anything until she woke up the next morning at the hotel, lying naked next to Reed. The woman said the sheets on the bed showed evidence of the assault, CBS said.

When she got up to take a shower, Reed reportedly told her to leave his room.

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Rock Fan May 28, 2014 at 05:04 PM
Well , there we have the crux of the matter .Did he or didn't he ? As far as Tiger woods ,JFK , Elliot Spitzer, Etc. Yes , they didn't think about their careers very much , but there was little or no chance they would go to jail for what they did .Unless some woman makes this kind of accusation . I just don't think this ballplayer would do this , given the risk of going to jail verses a pretty nice life with almost endless opportunities to meet hot woman . I'm certainly no expert on how to go about it , but if you slip something in a woman's drink in a bar , she could pass out before you even get her to the room .Your a celebrity and get tangled up in a police investigation , and you have more trouble than it's worth .Let alone it going as far as a rape claim . Now , it could be that the drink being spiked could have gone on inside the room , but if the woman went to the room willingly , she would still sound unbelievably naïve to say she thought she was going to his room to talk .If security cameras show them going arm in arm to his room or kissing or playing some kind of grabazzz , this is going to be a pretty weak case .Not that she couldn't change her mind , but then trying to get something into her drink after a refusal ,I just think it's unlikely .If they don't file charges in a week or so , I think we'll have most of the story .
Rock Fan May 28, 2014 at 05:29 PM
Ok , I just read an article .The alleged drugging is said to have taken place in the bar . The incident took place March 30th , not reported until April 2nd ? It was reported there was evidence of an assault on the sheets , so did a maid save them or testify to this ? Also she did not know he was a Pro Ball player until after the incident .
Desert Rat May 28, 2014 at 06:16 PM
It is a bit of a quantum leap to equate a rich celebrity cheating on their wife with some other good looking female who is either a willing sex partner, or a gold digger looking for a pay day, with a rapist. Rape is usually about revenge, power, anger, payback, psychological issues, etc. Tiger Woods and the others had sex with a lot of other good looking women because they liked sex and they could. Apples and oranges. And just curious Bob the dentist, how are you such an expert on rape? You admit to never having been raped, yet you are so quick to opine that just because somebody finds her story to have some credibility issues, you assume they are chauvinistic, misogynistic, and uneducated? Or have we arrived at the point where any female who makes an allegation should automatically be believed?
Bob Perkins DDS May 28, 2014 at 06:48 PM
Desert Rat....Let me clarify..I am not equating rape with high risk sex...I was only saying that many men, in the celebrity life and otherwise, will risk everything, their careers, etc., to have sex....be it consensual or non consensual. As far as assuming that the women is telling the truth...I have no idea....without more info it would be presumptuous of me to assume anything...it is true, however, that many many men get away with rape, mostly recently Jameis Winston...the evidence against is hard to refute.....I would guess that very few rapes get reported as a percentage of total rapes...the statistics bare this out...and even fewer rapes, still, are prosecuted...thus, not too much fear of any athlete being sent to jail for rape. Mike Tyson is the only one I can think of though I am sure there must be others....


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