Poll: Back-to-School Shopping Already?

The sales have started so Patch wants to know if Healdsburg families are shopping already, early and often.

There are about three weeks left in summer vacation and local stores are hawking back-to-school sales. Are you cutting short the beach time, pool lounging, trail hiking to take advantage?

If so, where is your favorite store to hit in Healdsburg? Of course, the place that has the perfect stash of school supplies might not be the same place where you can snag the latest fashions off the rack. Do you go to a big department store and try to toss everything into one shopping cart or do you like to go from store to store for specialty items?

We ask because some parents are new at this (remember when you were?) and could use some advice. Share your plan of attack below.

If you are that special breed of organized and engaged parent, you already know that Healdsburg public schools offices are reopening and the schools will be open later this month. 

Make sure you get your school's "back to school night" on your family calendar as well.

Take our poll and then comment below. Tell us whether you're more excited or stressed about the school year starting up again. 


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