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I met Aaron Selverston at Coupa Cafe, after seeing him around town, or more specifically at the Bill Bliss trail head bike memorial dedication on Earth Day, and that person-to-person interaction is what made me, a Ludditte (or one who still doubts the computer proliferation does what its proponents claim it does) to log on to yet another site and participate.  Then I also noticed I know two or three of the other "commentors" who logged on while I was here...
Walks his girlfriend's dog every other day at 8 a.m., 1 p.m., 6 p.m. and or 10 p.m. in Palo Alto North... Remembers being one of five PAUSD students from Fremont Hills School (with Steve Bernsen and Bill Mehner) given special privilege of using the HP3000 computer at District Office... Had a poster of drawing of Humphrey Bogart from The New Varsity on his freshman year college dorm room... Went to Oaxaca in 1981 with Tim Harris, Nancy Roan, Hillary Sharpe, David Daniels, Craig Morely, David Almond, Isabelle Fixe, Melissa Anderson, Helen Dobbie, Burley McIntyre, Seth Birnbaum, Alexandra Todd, Jenny Toomer and Jenny Rickard. Admits to having a strange fixation on James Franco, in a totally straight guy kind of way.  Spearheaded, with contributions from Greg Zlotnick, Marsh McCall, Bea Chestnut, and Jessica Yu, a parody of the Palo Alto Campanile (before the Woj Era) called The Crapanile, that featured five articles on a ubiquitous school-boy sports phenomenon named Jim Harbarph -- "Our Boy Jim Does It Again....And Again..."  But was thrilled (even as a Gunn alumnus) to hear Nathan Ford name-checked on The Office. Saw Ray Ratto taking a nap on Leonard Koppett's office couch.
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